Juvenile Justice Ministry

Posted on by Venita Ballard


In 2016, over 14,000 teenagers were arrested in Tennessee. They make up almost 10% of all arrests made. Often times, teenagers are brought in to the detention facility here in Chattanooga, spend some time there, and then are right back on the streets. Sent back to the environment that put them there in the first place.
Juvenile Justice Ministry is a ministry model that would allow us to walk alongside students who have been incarcerated and meet them where they are at. It is a hard and scary ministry, but one that is worthwhile. One that is blessed and needed.
What if we could walk alongside our juvenile court to help change students lives who have spent time incarcerated? What kind of change could that incur in our community?
Youth for Christ Chattanooga is in an exciting time of dreaming. Dreaming about the directions we could go and the relationships we could create and the lives we could change. By hiring an Executive Director this kind of dreaming has the possibility to become a reality.
Are you ready to jump on board??



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