What If?

Posted on by Venita Ballard

Last week we announced that Youth for Christ Chattanooga is ready to start expanding our leadership by pursuing and hiring an Executive Director in the year of 2018. As we are looking ahead to the next year, and dreaming of all that could be with this new hire, we are excited to see how God might use Youth for Christ Chattanooga.

Right now, we are doing City Life in the Southside community. City Life is a ministry model that does ministry one neighborhood at a time. By jumping all in to an entire neighborhood we are able to raise up a group of leaders who have the potential to make real, lasting, generational change. We have been in the Southside since the beginning of Youth for Christ here in Chattanooga. However, as we look at our entire city, we can see so many neighborhoods that we could implement City Life in. Dozens of community centers, schools, and streets that are filled with lost teenagers in a world that is often fraught with violence, uncertainty, and instability. WHAT IF we could start a City Life program in each of these neighborhoods? WHAT IF we could empower so many individuals to walk alongside teenagers in life and show them the love of Christ that lives would be changed? WHAT IF we could change so many lives that these communities started looking a little bit different?

Mayor Andy Berke just sent an e-mail saying that gun crime by gang members has gone down by 43%. That is amazing. It is also not done without the help of our community. Without the help of individuals willing to step into the difficult situations in Chattanooga’s own neighborhoods. WHAT IF we could help to reduce violence even more by introducing these teenagers to not only a different way of living life, but a God who loves them and has a grand plan for them. We have the opportunity to make a real difference in our city?

Right now, Youth for Christ Chattanooga is reaching kids on the Southside with the hope of Jesus. With the right leadership, YFC Chattanooga is poised to reach even more kids in even more communities. That is why we are so passionate about raising the funds and hiring an Executive Director. Because we believe that God is calling us to more. Are you willing and able to jump on board with us?




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